A Versatile Mid-Size Parabolic Microphone for Professional Audio Capture

June 26, 2024, Janesville, WI – Klover Products, a leader in innovative audio solutions, today announced improvements to its product, the KLOVER MiK 16. This mid-size parabolic microphone offers exceptional long-range audio capture capabilities in a compact, lightweight design. 

Initially developed for use in baseball stadiums where larger models might obstruct fans’ views, the Klover MiK 16 has proven its versatility across various applications. Weighing just three pounds, it excels in mobility while delivering professional-grade audio quality.

The handheld models (KLOVER MiK 16 and KLOVER MiK 16 Broadcast) are now constructed with the new deeper dish that provides a tighter pickup pattern. The new dish provides a pickup pattern very similar to the smaller KLOVER MiK 09 and the larger KLOVER MiK 26.

The stationary models (“KLOVER MiK 16 Hard Mount”, “KLOVER MiK 16 Sound Shield”, and the “KLOVER MiK 16 in Enclosure”) will continue to be constructed with the original dish. The original dish provides a slightly wider pickup pattern than the smaller KLOVER MiK 09 and the larger KLOVER MiK 26. (We can build any model with either dish upon request.)

Key Features of the KLOVER MiK 16:

1. Long-Range Capability: Captures clear audio from distances of 250+ feet

2. Versatile Applications: Ideal for sports broadcasting, college events, press conferences, law enforcement, and presentations

3. Lightweight Design: At only 3 pounds, it offers superior portability

4. Multiple Configurations: Available in handheld, broadcast, hard mount, sound shield, and enclosure versions

5. Two Different  Pickup Patterns: The original dish provides a slightly wider pickup pattern and the new deeper dish design provides a tighter audio focus

“The Klover MiK 16 represents our commitment to delivering high-performance audio solutions in a compact package,” said Paul Terpstra, the President at Klover Products. “Its ability to turn an omnidirectional microphone into a long-range audio capture device makes it an indispensable tool for professionals across various industries.”

The Klover MiK 16 is available in several models to suit different needs:

1. Standard KLOVER MiK 16:

   – Ideal for general use in sports, college events, press conferences, and presentations

   – Features a new deeper dish for a tighter pickup pattern

   – Includes left and right handles, rear cross bar, and microphone yoke with lavaliere mic adapter

   – Perfect for mobile applications requiring high-quality long-range audio capture. 

2. KLOVER MiK 16 Broadcast:

   – Designed specifically for professional broadcasting needs

   – Includes all features of the standard model plus:

   – Electronics mounting plate for additional equipment

   – Neck strap for extended, comfortable use

   – Ideal for sports broadcasters and field reporters requiring mobility and broadcast-ready setup 

3. KLOVER MiK 16 Hard Mount:

   – Optimized for stationary applications

   – Uses the original dish design for a slightly wider pickup pattern

   – Includes a hard mount bracket for secure positioning

   – Perfect for fixed-position audio capture in stadiums, auditoriums,     or outdoor venues



4. KLOVER MiK 16 Sound Shield:

   – Engineered to minimize ambient noise in challenging     environments

   – Incorporates advanced sound-dampening technology

   – Ideal for use in noisy settings where clear, focused audio is crucial

   – Maintains the benefits of the original dish design


5. KLOVER MiK 16 in Enclosure:

   – Provides comprehensive protection for both the microphone     and nearby individuals

   – Originally designed for baseball parks, but it is suitable for     any environment requiring safety measures

   – Custom-size enclosures are available to suit specific needs

   – Ideal for permanent installations in sports facilities or     high-traffic areas

Each model of the Klover MiK 16 is capable of capturing normal conversations from 250+ feet away, making it an invaluable tool for professionals who need to capture high-quality audio at a distance.

For more information about the Klover MiK 16 and its various models, please visit Klover Products, contact sales@Kloverproducts.com, or call 1-(608)-371-5660/(888)-299-9009.

About Klover Products:

Klover Products, Inc., founded in 2012, is a world leader in parabolic microphone technology. Born from an engineering challenge, our innovative KLOVER MiK 26 quickly caught the attention of major networks. Under the ownership of Paul and Diane Terpstra since 2018, we’ve continued to innovate, leveraging over a decade of experience with television networks to understand and solve audio capture challenges.

KLOVER MiK products are trusted by industry giants like FOX, CBS, and ESPN for critical sports broadcasts and are favored by universities and government agencies worldwide. Klover Products is committed to delivering cutting-edge audio solutions that ensure unparalleled sound clarity and precision.

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